Coexistence Database

Here at Sanctuary of the Phoenix, we believe in religious freedom. Not just for our faith, but for all faiths.

One of the services we provide, is a database of vetted out places of worship.

We want to have as much of an inclusive database as possible and help people of all faiths connect with their faith community, whether you have recently moved, or are looking for a new congregation.

We add places to our database on a request basis, you may email us at

We do require that your place of worship is inclusive, and that your theology as it is taught, does not promote hate, or discriminate against Race, Biological Sex, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation.

We treat all faiths and denominations equally, and work directly with their clergy when adding a place of worship to our database. We understand, there are differences of theology at every place of worship, so we treat each request with careful consideration, case by case. Some denominations may have views that may not meet our standards, but we understand the clergy may have a more modern view in their teaching. This is why we work directly with clergy, ask the tough questions, and make our decision based on the views of the clergy at a place of worship.


Our database can be searched by  City, State, Zip, Country, Faith, or Denomination.

This search engine is beta, and only one term can be used at a time. We suggest searching by City at this moment.

If no results come back, it is because there is not an entry for that area yet.



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