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6 months ago

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We have been following from afar, with heavy hearts, as a rescue mission turned into a recovery mission. Micky Shomidie and the family of Shane Shomidie have gone through the unimaginable. Shane had went missing on or around 04/20/18 - 04/21/18. From a Kayak trip on the Sangamon River in/around Springfield, IL. We don't know Micky or Shane personally or directly. How we have come to follow, is through our High Priest Odin Wynd, who is a vocalist and a musician, and knows of Micky through music.

We send our love, condolences, and blessings at this time to the Shomidie Family, and ask the Gods, Goddesses, and deities of all faiths bring grace and closure to this deeply grieving family and circle of friends.

We honor and bless all those who have helped in this search. The loving family and friends, the caring strangers.

Our love and blessings goes to all who endeavor in these efforts of recovery, and all who aid and have given support.


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